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Development Snapshot #2 – Word Warfare by brandon

It has been a little bit of time since we have updated you on the progress of Word Warfare. We have been hard at work and are making some great progress! As an indie developer there are many hurdles to creating a game (especially your first major release). We have battled a few hurdles but are heading in the right direction.

The big hurdle we faced so far was finding a quality Graphic and User Interface Designer. After much searching I am pleased to announce that we have found one! We set a high bar for the quality of work we require for our games so it was a bit challenging to find someone that can fit into our team (and stay within budget). Work is currently in progress on the artwork and interface design while the code monkeys are hacking away at their keyboards to get the game working.

Speaking of a working game, we have finally completed all of the programming for the main gameplay of Word Warfare! It is a huge milestone and something we are quite proud of. We are currently working towards adding as many extra features and polish to the game as we can. Currently we have planned on FULL Game Center integration to include achievements, leader boards, and challenges as well as a full social integration so you can brag to your friends wherever they may be! This is just the tip of what this game will offer however. Many word based games that are out there are simply that, word games. With Word Warfare it will be a little bit different. The base gameplay revolves around building words, however you are also in a fight with your opponent (it is Word WARFARE after all). You each start off with a ticking time bomb you need to diffuse before your opponent does.

There are a number of ways you will be able to accomplish this, with a few different ways to slow your opponent down. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks as we will slowly release more details about the gameplay and features of the game the closer we get to release.

As we get closer to completion of the game we also get closer to our official beta test! We will announce the beta dates on this site so stay tuned! We will also have a separate beta sign up on the site as well. If you don’t want to wait and would like to be considered for our beta test (and any future beta tests that we will have) send an email to with the subject “Beta Test”.

Thats it for this edition of our Development Snapshot!


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