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Development Snapshot #3 – Word Warfare by brandon

We have not updated this in some time now so we figured you guys deserved some new information! Work has been steadily progressing through the development of Word Warfare, however, we have had a few set backs due to issues with graphic designers we have hired. We believe that is all worked out now and we are moving forward.

Check out the new splash screen our designer sent us:

We are still waiting on some of the new artwork to come in so we can wrap up Word Warfare and get our first draft out to our beta testers. Other than waiting on artwork, development is about 90% finished (we cannot update certain parts of the game until after we receive the artwork).

In the meantime we have begun working out the details for our next game! We have the concept worked out and general gameplay mapped out but we have not come up with a name yet (the hardest part other than thinking of an idea IMHO). The best part is we have found an OUTSTANDING artist (Paul Cox) who has already begun some of the artwork for the game! This game will more than likely take 3-6 months of development time (if not longer) before we can get it in the hands of our beta testers but we are very excited about it.

As we sit and wait for our artwork to be completed we have started looking into things (big and small) that can make Word Warfare better and more polished. We originally had a stock “Main Menu” screen that just loaded as soon as the company scene was finished. We decided to add a little bit of “flare” to it with animating the menu buttons at the start.

Take a look at our video of it:

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