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Development Snapshot #1- Word Warfare by brandon

Work is in full swing for “Word Warfare”! We are progressing through the initial stages and have hammered out the gameplay details and figured out exactly how we want the game to be played. Starting development on a new game can be a daunting task filled with tons of decisions that sneak up on you. We started off as normal with whiteboard drawings and initial concept designs of the user interface combined with some brainstorming over gameplay mechanics and possible upgrades for the game.

Once the initial design concept was agreed upon we contacted our artist to get started on the artwork. Currently we have both Rohit Tomer of Real Fly Graphics and Brandon Lassiter working on art for the game. Rohit has designed the game logo, backgrounds, and letter/tile dock for the game while Brandon has designed the Main menu. Once the art was received it was time to put it all together into the main menu screen of the game.

This is the first draft that we have going and will likely change many times over prior to launch but we figured we would get it out there and see what you have to say! Head on over to our Facebook Page and let us know your thoughts!


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