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Scooped is an educational iOS game with a simple concept in mind, to help your kids learn basic math! Scooped is set in an ice cream shop where random equations are presented to your child. There is a conveyor belt that moves a random assortment of ice cream and milkshakes across the screen.


Each bowl of ice cream or milkshake has potential answers and it is the child’s job to find the correct one! If the answer selected is wrong, the child will get another chance at answering and if they cannot correctly guess the answer, it will be provided for them. For every five correct answers they will be able to skip a question.


✭ RETINA Graphics
✭ iPhone 5 Support
✭ Basic Math – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
✭ Beautiful Ice Cream
✭ Ability to skip hard questions
✭ Three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, and Hard)
✭ Fun Learning

Scooped is coming to the iOS App Store in May 2013